Hello- welcome to dys/memberment.
I am using this blog page as a simple website where I will be posting personal works (as appose to more silly do-dads elsewhere such as I do on DeviantArt.)

Friday, September 2, 2011

At Tumblr Now...

I've been really bad about updating blogspot, I am a traitor and I moved to: http://catloafini.tumblr.com/
Thanks <3

Friday, January 21, 2011

Red Scarves

"Hit him where it hurts":
I have reoccurring dreams of certain subjects-
One, where I'm a young man in some kind of sad situation- well there's more to it but it's kind of embarassing to talk about... lol anyway. This time, I was in a mafia (haha) I just remember having dark brown hair, and I had to chose a scarf from a box, like a mini acceptance ceremony into the family. I chose a red one, and they were like "Oooh that's a good one". I was a man that was in a previous family though, and I was changing- in that process though, I left someone behind. Later, it was implied that I had to shoot this someone.
I'm trying to practice on the whole "speed painting" aspect, just putting down values, very not what I usually do, but I figure I should :P - (the gun is shootin' and coming around again towards the heart) Thanks for peepin :) -Cat

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Heart of Tin

Just did this for a good friend of mine while he watched me livestream- I was just doodling and figured I should draw him something. He loves the tin man and frankly, I have fun drawing my versions of it :) I tried makin the tin man look like he's reaching and feeling flowers or something organic vs him lookin more robot-like but it just didn't turn out right- so instead he looks like a creeper feeler grabber man ;)

Friday, October 8, 2010


I really like the concept of being raw, not really vulnerability but maybe something like being pure and horribly honest. Or perhaps something that makes you wince like salt on open flesh- or wait does that only effect snails... I dunno :P
It's creepy, obsessive, too close, being blown away by some raw energy, writhing bones and twigs pulling through winds that scream as if it's from some kinda cool industrial song lol :P

Friday, September 24, 2010


("Home is where the heart is / To feel alien in your own home").
Sketchbook doodle- a friend and I did a simple dot map to see where we lived in relation to the college. Instead of erasing it, since it was on a new page, I decided draw over it and use it in the composition. The dot on the very right is the college and the top dot that's being pointed at is my house. (It's a sideways map... and it's probably horribly inaccurate anyway lol). I tried to imply the figure's nudity in a strange way :P

Friday, September 10, 2010

Emesis Nemesis

I was drawing one thing and now I ended up with this... hermm. This was kinda super random. Oddly, she kinda looks like a fairy... uh mebbe not the nice kinds. I'll just say, she floats about, taking heads off and turns them into these ping pong balls that follow her, vomiting and bleeding everywhere. Yaaaay!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mermaid Meat

Haha- seriously, first title I could think of for this drawing is "Mermaid Meat". Her body is totally off but I just went with it thinking, I hope that it doesn't look poorly incorrect. I mean, teachers always say, the human body is what we know best, and it's always easy to see if it's wrong, even if we're not proficient in it. But I wonder, sometimes incorrect things can be okay, like it's part of the style- and I hope this is one of the times. Otherwise it's a sad attempt and I will kick myself later when I look back at this.
Something about drawing forms, just the natural human flow really brings some kind of expression out that I really learned to appreciate. This was just my attempt at exaggerating and following flow, working off of my mediocre memory of body and the current emotion. But... I don't know if it's an emotion really, I just feel something... traveling. But no, she's actually not really a mermaid :P