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Friday, January 21, 2011

Red Scarves

"Hit him where it hurts":
I have reoccurring dreams of certain subjects-
One, where I'm a young man in some kind of sad situation- well there's more to it but it's kind of embarassing to talk about... lol anyway. This time, I was in a mafia (haha) I just remember having dark brown hair, and I had to chose a scarf from a box, like a mini acceptance ceremony into the family. I chose a red one, and they were like "Oooh that's a good one". I was a man that was in a previous family though, and I was changing- in that process though, I left someone behind. Later, it was implied that I had to shoot this someone.
I'm trying to practice on the whole "speed painting" aspect, just putting down values, very not what I usually do, but I figure I should :P - (the gun is shootin' and coming around again towards the heart) Thanks for peepin :) -Cat

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  1. i like it! btw, you're going to have to share with me that dream of yours...sounds fascinating!